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Whitney B
22 March 2015 @ 09:06 pm

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Whitney B
19 January 2008 @ 12:32 am
Something everyone needs to use.

This includes phone calls and text messages.
I was raised where you don't call people late at night.
9:00 was the absolute latest is was considered okay to call people, and even that was pushing it.
There are a select few that I will call after 9pm, and only because I live with them at school. This select few grows a little during a con, but it is still very small.

Therefore it pisses me off when I get texts and calls from people OUTSIDE of this select few, who don't seem to realize that calling or texting so late isn't the nicest thing to do, especially when they are someone i pretty much never talk to.

I've received texts and calls, at incredibly late hours: 11pm or later (once even at 2 in the morning) from a couple of people, and they only serve to piss me off. Common sense and common courtesy should clue it in that someone might be asleep that late (and I have been), its not the best time to try to call someone to chat, ask whats going on, or even just a wrong number (which they call 5 times in a row and don't get the hint).

Public posted for a reason.
Comments off as well.